Research suggests that those businesses with a written business plan are far more likely to succeed and prosper.
  • Do you need to make your business idea more tangible?
  • Do you need a business plan that can help you enter new markets or introduce new products?
  • Do you need to raise capital for your start-up or existing business?
  • Do you need a business road map that is presented in a highly professional and engaging way?
    BTS has industry-leading experience developing business plans for start-ups and established companies aiming to raise funds or
    substantially grow their businesses.

Insightful Business Plan Success Statistics

  1. Entrepreneurs with business plans are 260% more likely to launch.
  2. A business plan increases the chances of growth by 30%.
  3. Approximately 70% of businesses that survive for 5 years follow a strategic business plan. 
  4. 71% of fast-growing businesses have plans. 
  5. Compared to businesses without a written plan, those with one had a 7% higher likelihood of experiencing high growth. 
  6. One study found that only 35% of business owners who were surveyed had finished a business plan. 
  7. Simply put, business plan finishers were twice as likely to succeed. 

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